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The entire cast returns (with Michael Cera pulling double duty as a member of the writing staff), along with returning guests like Martin Mull, Judy Greer, Liza Minnelli, Ben Stiller, Carl Weathers, Ron Howard, and Andy Richter and newcomers such as John Slattery, Kristen Wiig, John Krasinski, and Seth Rogen.

For fans not signed up with the streaming service, a DVD release is likely later in the year, though a release date hasn't been announced.

Other nominees included Rivera for Best Featured Actress in a Musical (she lost to Tammy Grimes in was last produced by PCPH in 1987. Albert's secretary and sweetheart, Rose Alvarez, comes up with a last-ditch publicity stunt to have Conrad Birdie record and premiere a song before he is sent overseas.

It was directed and choreographed by Jack Randall Earles. She makes Albert promise to give up the music business and to start teaching English at schools.

2: B Kernel Panic: C Init1: C Logic Bomb: C Master Slaves: C- Handshake: B- Successor: A- The Night Of The Beach: A- Subtle Beast: B A Dark Crate: A- The Art of War: A- The Season of the Witch: B Samson and Delilah: B Ordinary Death: A- Orange is the New Black Season Grade: A- Stranger Things Chapter One: The Vanishing of Will Byers: B- Chapter Two: The Weirdo on Maple Street: B- Chapter Three: Holly, Jolly: B Chapter Four: The Body: B- Chapter Five: The Flea and the Acrobat: B Chapter Six: The Monster: B- Chapter Seven: The Bathtub: B Chapter Eight: The Upside Down: B Season Grade: B Reserved. ” B- 5-5: “Lotus 1-2-3” B 5-6: “Crossbreed” B 5-7: “The Committee of Human Rights” B 5-8: “Immersion” B 5-9: “IHOP” B- 5-10: “Darkroom” B 5-11: “Dyatkovo” B 5-12: “The World Council of Churches” B 5-13: “The Soviet Division” A- Season Grade: B Season MVP: Keri Russell Outstanding Drama Series: (“Amber Waves”, “Pests”, “Crossbreed”, “Immersion”, “Dyatkovo”, “The Soviet Division”) Outstanding Actress – Drama Series: Keri Russell (“Dyatkovo”) Outstanding Guest Actor – Drama Series: Frank Langella (“Crossbreed”) Outstanding Guest Actress – Drama Series: Margo Martindale (“Immersion”) Outstanding Directing – Drama Series: Chris Long (“The Soviet Division”) Outstanding Writing – Drama Series: Joshua Brand (“Dyatkovo”) Outstanding Writing – Drama Series: Joel Fields & Joe Wiesberg (“Amber Waves”) Outstanding Writing – Drama Series: Stephen Schiff (“Crossbreed”) Better Call Saul 3-1: “Mabel” B 3-2: “Witness” B 3-3: “Sunk Costs” B- 3-4: “Sabrosito” B 3-5: “Chicanery” B 3-6: “Off Brand” B 3-7: “Expenses” B 3-8: “Slip” 3-9: “Fall” 3-10: “Lantern” Season Grade: Season MVP: Outstanding Drama Series: (“Mabel”, “Witness”, “Chicanery”, “Off Brand”, “Expenses”, Outstanding Directing – Drama Series: Vince Gilligan (“Witness”) Outstanding Directing – Drama Series: Daniel Sackheim (“Chicanery”) The Big Bang Theory 10-1: “The Conjugal Conjecture” C 10-2: “The Military Miniaturization” B- 10-3: “The Dependence Transcendence” B 10-4: “The Cohabitation Experimentation”B 10-5: “The Hot Tub Contamination” B 10-6: “The Fetal Kick Catalyst” B 10-7: “The Veracity Elasticity” B 10-8: “The Brain Bowl Incubation” B 10-9: “The Geology Elevation” B 10-10: “The Property Division Collision” B- 10-11: “The Birthday Synchronicity” B- 10-12: “The Holiday Summation” B 10-13: “The Romance Recalibration” C 10-14: “The Emotion Detection Automation” C 10-15: “The Locomotion Reverberation” C 10-16: “The Allowance Evaporation” C 10-17: “The Comic-Con Conundrum” B 10-18: “The Escape Hatch Identification” B- 10-19: “The Collaboration Fluctuation” B- 10-20: “The Relocation Dissipation” B 10-21: “The Separation Agitation” B 10-22: “The Cognition Regeneration” C 10-23: “The Gyroscopic Collapse” C 10-24: “The Long Distance Dissonance” B Season Grade: B- Season MVP: Mayim Bialik Outstanding Comedy Series: (“The Cohabitation Experimentation”, “The Hot Tub Contamination”, “The Geology Elevation”, “The Comic-Con Conundrum”, “The Separation Agitation”, “The Long Distance Dissonance”) Outstanding Actor – Comedy Series: Jim Parsons (“The Geology Elevation”) Outstanding Sup.

Actress – Miniseries/TV Movie: Lily Rabe Outstanding Directing – Miniseries/TV Movie: Angela Bassett (“Chapter 6”) Outstanding Directing – Miniseries/TV Movie: Bradley Buecker (“Chapter 1”) Outstanding Writing – Miniseries/TV Movie: Ryan Murphy & Brad Falchuk (“Chapter 1”) America’s Got Talent 11-1: “Auditions #1” B 11-2: “Auditions #2” C 11-3: “Auditions #3” C 11-4: “Auditions #4” B- 11-5: “Auditions #5” B 11-6: “Auditions #6” C 11-7: “Judge Cuts #1” B 11-8: “Judge Cuts #2” C 11-9: “Judge Cuts #3” B- 11-10: “Judge Cuts #4” B 11-11: “Top 36: Part 1” B 11-12: “Top 36: Results” B 11-13: “Top 36: Part 2” B- 11-14: “Top 36: Results” B 11-15: “Top 36: Part 3” B- 11-16: “Top 36: Results” C 11-17: “Semifinals: Part 1” B 11-18: “Semifinals: Results” B- 11-19: “Semifinals: Part 2” C 11-20: “Semifinals: Results” B 11-21: “Top 10” B 11-22: “Season 11 Finale” C Season Grade: B- Season MVP: Tape Face Outstanding Host – Reality Series: Nick Cannon (“Auditions #6”) The Americans 5-1: “Amber Waves” A- 5-2: “Pests” B 5-3: “The Midges” B 5-4: “What’s the Matter with Kansas?

will feature 15 new episodes, all available for immediate streaming.

Each episode will focus on a single character (only Jason Bateman appears in every episode), and they set up a story for an eventual movie, though that hasn't been greenlit yet.

"Never on Sunday" is borderline grating even without lyrics, along with "In the Mood," which Peter Sellers loathed (and so it was played at his funeral). Actress – Comedy Series: Mayim Bialik (“The Cohabitation Experimentation”) Outstanding Guest Actress – Comedy Series: Christine Baranski (“The Conjugal Conjecture”) Black-ish 3-1: “VIP” C 3-2: “God” B 3-3: “40 Acres and a Vote” B 3-4: “Who’s Afraid of the Big Black Man? Actor – Comedy Series: Kunal Nayyar (“The Brain Bowl Incubation”) Outstanding Sup. 4-1: “The Ghost” 4-2: “Meet the New Boss” 4-3: “Uprising” 4-4: 4-5: 4-6: 4-7: 4-8: 4-9: 4-10: 4-11: 4-12: 4-13: 4-14: 4-15: 4-16: 4-17: 4-18: 4-19: 4-20: 4-21: 4-22: American Dad!” B 3-5: “The Purge” B 3-6: “Jack of All Trades” B 3-7: “Auntsgiving” B- 3-8: “Being Bow-racial” B 3-9: “Nothing But Nepotism” B- 3-10: “Just Christmas, Baby” B 3-11: “Their Eyes Were Watching Screens” B 3-12: “Lemons” A- 3-13: “Good Dre Hunting” B 3-14: “The Name Game” B 3-15: “I’m a Survivor” B 3-16: “One Angry Man” B 3-17: “Toys Rn’t Us” B 3-18: “Manternity” B- 3-19: “Richard Youngsta” C 3-20: “What Lies Beneath” B 3-21: “Sister, Sister” B 3-22: “All Groan Up” B- 3-23: “Liberal Arts” C 3-24: “Sprinkles” Season Grade: Season MVP: Outstanding Comedy Series: (“40 Acres and a Vote”, “Jack of All Trades”, “Their Eyes Were Watching Screens”, “Lemons”, “What Lies Beneath”, Outstanding Actor – Comedy Series: Anthony Anderson (“40 Acres and a Vote”) Outstanding Actress – Comedy Series: Tracee Ellis Ross (“Who’s Afraid of the Big Black Man?

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