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rpool2 to rpool WITHOUT bringing it online as it would have a "name" conflict and then you remove it offsite as a hot spare OS clone backup without rebooting to a /hipster image to rename it.In Solaris 10 update 1 onwards new boot archicture was introduced touse Grub as the bootloader.Sometimes on x86 machines if boot archive iscorrupt system doesnot bootup . While in the Grub screen select "Solaris Failsafe" entry. It will detect your Solaris installon harddisk and ask user to whether to mount it on /a . Now execute the following commands:#rm -f /a/platform/i86pc/boot_archive#bootadm update-archive -R /a Next reboot using the command: init 6 . shutdown [-g grace-period] [-i 0 1 5 6 S s] [-y] [messages] -g : 지연 시간을 초 단위로 명시할 수 있다. Fri Dec 19 KST 2008 Broadcast Message from root (pts/3) on siksco Fri Dec 19 ... ( 어떤것도 명시하지 않으면 -h 옵션이 기본으로 설정된다.) -r : 시스템을 재부팅한다.If it doesn't, consult Boyd's slides, page 49 for a hackjob. The BIOS disk numbering runs like this, traditionally: Discovering physical storage devices Discovering logical storage devices Cross referencing storage devices with boot environment configurations Determining types of file systems supported Validating file system requests Preparing logical storage devices Preparing physical storage devices Configuring physical storage devices Configuring logical storage devices Analyzing system configuration. Since this little machine had no optical drive, I mounted the media like this: . ********************************************************************** The target boot environment has been activated. NOTE: You MUST NOT USE the reboot, halt, or uadmin commands.

It should return a line with the BIOS disk number and full path for each disk. Creating compare databases for boot environment It didn't interfere with the process at all. Either pop the DVD in the drive or mount using the loopback interface. INFORMATION: The file on boot environment Boot menu exists.Here's a walkthrough: Our machine, salsa, is running Solaris 10u2 on an x86 host with root disks mirrored with SVM.# grep Solaris /etc/release Solaris 10 6/06 s10x_u2wos_09a X86 # uname -a Sun OS salsa 5.10 Generic_125101-10 i86pc i386 i86pc # df -kh / /opt Filesystem size used avail capacity Mounted on /dev/md/dsk/d20 7.9G 4.5G 3.3G 59% / /dev/md/dsk/d23 7.9G 369M 7.4G 5% /opt # metastat -p d20 d20 -m d10 d30 1 d10 1 1 c0d0s0 d30 1 1 c1d0s0 # metastat -p d23 d23 -m d13 d33 1 d13 1 1 c0d0s3 d33 1 1 c1d0s3 filesystem (as all production systems should), we'd take care of that as well.Packages to update: 895 Create boot environment: Yes Create backup boot environment: No ...A clone of oi_151a6x exists and has been updated and activated.

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Please bring a copy of your marketing plan for reference. Columbus Metropolitan Library–Parsons Branch (1113 Parsons Avenue) This hands-on, activity-driven session will equip you with strategies and methodology on how to best utilize digital marketing and social media for your organization.

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